Schematic Submissions

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If you have any circuit diagrams or obscure data you wish to share with others,
please email through
If the circuit or data is a requested item then you can click directly on the said item
and send the information through the email link provided.

To sumbit a diagram or data sheet, please ensure the following :

Resolution :
                    The file to be sent should not be of less than 15 pixels per centimetre and no more than 200 pixels per 

Pixel size :
                    The file should not be greater than 2000 x 1000 pixels.

Depth of colour :
                    Please try to keep the colours to no less than 16 and no greater than 256.

File size :
                    The file should not be larger than 2MBytes. (It WILL be reduced to fit our server space if necessary)

File type :
                    Just about any format can be used BUT, we would prefer bmp, jpg, pdf or gif.

Acknowledgement :
                    Your name and/or details can be attached to the diagram or data sheet if you so wish.  Please let us know.
                    Remember ..  You do not have to attach your details yourself.   We can do it for you if you approve.