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Amplifiers and PA systems : - Thump TH-15A amp/speaker combo
Audio signal processors :
- Korg AX10G (program chart only)
Car Stereo equipment : - Ferris JM-999 car stereo radio, cassette player
- 1967 GM Air Chief PD-C12J & MD-C12J car radio circuit diagram
- 1967 GM Air Chief PD-C12J & MD-C12J car radio circuit board
- 1973 Valiant Air chief JM29A
Communications : - Archer Space Patrol (2 way radio)
- CB transceiver (unknown make & model)

- Realistic TRC-501 FM 2 way radio
- Spartan PLL mobile CB transceiver (part 1 of 2)
- Spartan PLL mobile CB transceiver (part 2 of 2)
- Pearce-Simpson Super Panther SSB/AM mobile CB transceiver
- Xtal XSSB-10 mobile transceiver
- XElectrophone TX-550 AM/USB/LSB mobile transceiver
Computers & peripherals : - Clevo M37EW (M3EW) INSYDE Mobilepro BIOS (v2.08)
- KX-F50 switching power supply
- NEC JB-1201M(E) / JB-1205M(E) monochrome monitor
- Radio Shack CTR-80A cassette recorder
- Sanyo monochrome monitor (model unknown)
Data Sheets : - 6M5 electronic valve
Miscellaneous : - Utilux vehicle trailer connectors
Soldering equipment : - Dick Smith T-2000 Soldering Station
Stereo equipment :
- Aiwa LCX-01 stereo system (service manual)
- Philips GA108, GA308, GC008 turntable (user data)
Tape/Cassette/Voice Recorders :
   Including  CD/Tape combos/  
- Aiwa LCX-01 CD, radio, cassette stereo unit
- Audioline 825 telephone answering machine
- National RX-4960F portable radio, cassette recorder (part 1 of 2)
- National RX-4960F portable radio, cassette recorder (part 2 of 2)
- National RX-5045F "Boombox"
- Sanyo portable radio-cassette player (model unknown)
- Sanyo MR-909 reel to reel tape deck
- Sanyo MR-4112W portable radio-cassette player
- Sanyo VW-613 portable radio-cassette recorder
- Sharp RT-10H_ RT-10HB hifi cassette deck
- Sony-O-Matic valve portable reel to reel tape recorder (unknown model)
Televisions :
- HMV B6308, B6309, B6310 colour 63cm TV (in 8 parts)  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
- Philips type 84 monochrome hybrid TV
- Sharp CX-3469 colour television
Test equipment : - Beckman Multimeter 3010, 3020, 3030
- Palec (Paton) VCT-2 valve tester/multimeter manual
- Marconi TF 2700 universal bridge   (1,256KB)   (570KB)
- Philips PM3260E oscilloscope
Video :
- EVM-RGBCNV-01 composite to RGB video converter ?
- Panasonic NV-J11 VCR
Welders :
- UNI Power automobile engine driven arc welder
- UNI-LAB 285-CHR-3 automotive welder
White goods : - Hoover 900 (A6830) & Galaxy MSE (A6834) washing machine
- Juki LK-1900a sewing machine engineer's manual
- Rotel carrot juicer (unknown model)

Service Manuals or Circuit Diagrams being sought.
Please note : When the diagrams become available they will be moved to the appropriate listing.
Click on Model to email diagram/s.       See top of page for request email address.
Car Stereo equipment : - Audiobahn ADD115t  car sound processor
- Sanyo E1212 car radio

Radio/Tape systems : - Pioneer RX-70 Stereo Cassette Receiver
- Sirius XM Sportster SP-B1A
- Vinix VPC 6714
- Vinix VPC 7704
Stereo systems : - Technics SA-X11W
Tape/Cassette/Voice Recorders :  
- National RX-1490W
- Victor KD-31
Televisions : - Realistic Portavision 150, 5" colour CRT TV
- Sansui SLIMX211, 21" colour CRT TV
Tuners :
Video equipment : -

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