Original computer configurations before July 2014.

An information site for the older AES computer configurations. (laptops and notebooks are included)
 Data will be updated each financial year for computers just outside our standard 3 year warranty period.
Software keys will not be included in the listings.
All the data sheets are in pdf format for easier printing if required.

Our records will only go as far back as our back-up media will allow.
These computers are only of the "M" series dating from around 1999.
Some of these computers included second hand and/or customer supplied components.
If you are after data on computers not listed in this series, then please email with your request and we will do the best we can.
Please click here for request.
Some files are missing or too badly corrupted to list.

We cannot guarantee the computer you are investigating has not been modified or updated since the original manufacture.
Remember : These data sheets were for the original configurations at the time of sale only.

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AES M233
AES M234
AES M235
AES M236
AES M237
AES M238
AES M239
AES M240
AES M241
AES M242
AES M243
AES M244
AES M245
(data lost)
AES M246
AES M247
AES M248
AES M249
AES M250
AES M251
AES M252
AES M253
AES M254
AES M255
AES M256
AES M257
AES M258
AES M259
AES M268
AES M269

AES M270
AES M271
AES M272
AES M273
AES M274
AES M275
AES M276
AES M277
AES M278
AES M279
AES M280
AES M281
AES M282
AES M283
AES M284
AES M285
AES M286
AES M287
AES M288
AES M289
AES M290
AES M291
AES M292
AES M293
AES M294
AES M295
AES M296
AES M297
AES M298
AES M299
AES M300         
AES M300 (?)
AES M301
AES M302
AES M303
AES M304
AES M305
AES M306
AES M307
AES M308
AES M309
AES M310
AES M311
AES M312
AES M313
AES M314
AES M315
AES M316
AES M317
AES M318
AES M319
AES M320
AES M321
AES M322
AES M323
AES M324
AES M325
AES M326
AES M327
AES M328
AES M329
AES M330
AES M331
AES M332
AES M333
AES M334
AES M335
AES M336
AES M337
AES M338
AES M339
AES M340
AES M341
AES M342
AES M343
AES M344
AES M345
AES M346
AES M347
AES M348
AES M349
AES M350
AES M351
AES M352
AES M353
AES M354
AES M355
AES M356
AES M357
AES M358
AES M359
AES M360
AES M361
AES M362
AES M363
AES M364
AES M365
AES M366
AES M367
AES M368
AES M369
AES M370
AES M371
AES M372
AES M373
AES M374
AES M375
AES M376
AES M377
AES M378
AES M379
AES M380
AES M381
AES M382
AES M383
AES M384
AES M385
AES M386
AES M387
AES M388
AES M389
AES M390
AES M391
AES M392
AES M393
AES M394
AES M395
AES M396
AES M397
AES M398
AES M399
AES M400
AES M401
AES M402
AES M403
AES M404
AES M405
AES M406
AES M407
AES M408
AES M409
AES M410
AES M411
AES M412
AES M413
AES M414
AES M415
AES M416
AES M417
AES M418
AES M419
AES M420
AES M421
AES M422
AES M423
AES M424
AES M425
AES M426
AES M427
AES M428
AES M429
AES M430
AES M431
AES M432
AES M433
AES M434
AES M435
AES M436
AES M437
AES M438
AES M439
AES M440
AES M441
AES M442
AES M443
AES M444
AES M445

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