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  August/September 2008 (10,008PH)
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Why are there no solar panels on electric vehicles to help in charging batteries, while the vehicles are in parking situations?


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Rick's Workbench has been set aside this month for a strange article.
Have gnome will travel :

Hi ..

As Rick is very tied up at the moment, I thought I would let you know about a little gnome I met.

I like playing Half-Life 2 so much, I usually play all episodes again and again while I am waiting for hard drives to format, or operating systems to install.

On my third run through Episode 2, I noticed a small garden gnome lying under a "benchtop"? in the first communications room.
I had no idea why someone would have put it in the game unless they had wanted it to be taken out on an adventure (as one does with garden gnomes).
I decided that he would go to as many places that I go and I would capture interesting screen shots of his adventure, as best possible.

This has probably been done before, but what did I care,,  I was going to have some fun.
I always run on the hardest modes and I did not use any cheats on his adventure, though I did have to reload several times.
It was time consuming in some places to get him along roads and through tunnels.
I have always thought the cars (or buggies) that are in these games should be given a storage space so you can carry a small load (like a gnome for example).
I also tried to place him on a solid base for his photographs, though this was not always possible as events around you would sometimes knock him over or away from the action.
It was a priority to get him into every captured frame, but again, this was not entirely successful.
It was almost impossible to get him into action shots, so,,  I would photgraph him just before or just after a major event had occurred.
I think he still appreciated it.
Needless to say ...  Those who have not played the game yet will most likely not appreciate these pictures.

Picture "(25) How did I get here" should keep some of you guessing as to where it is and how to get there without cheating.

I love finding short cuts after the second run through any game, without using map editors.

The original Half-Life 2 game has many shortcuts.

The picture "(54)Trapped in a warp" was interesting in that it was a situation that would not progress.
I had accidently put the gnome down where Alyx's dad was just going to step.
He tripped over the gnome and died .  Very strange.
The game went into a funny mode and funny graphics, and would not go any further.
Reloading fixed the situation of course.

I hope others will continue with this gnome's adventures, and will keep looking for those shortcuts..

Bye for now...

- Bob Shepherd                                      Click here for the "Gnome adventure"



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